Exciting Rickshaw Ride Through Streets of New York

Mom and American Julie in bicycle rickshaw.We got out of the theater at about 11:00 p.m. and Mom’s knees were about to give way. There were crowds from several other shows already on the street trying to hail a cab. We saw the bike rickshaw and it seemed like a no-brainer.

I was excited because I love bicycle transportation of all shapes and sizes.

Mom and I climbed in and waved goodbye to cousin Carrie who was headed in the opposite direction and taking the subway.

Rickshaw driverOur pedaler had a few false starts to find a way through the jam of cars in the parking lots and street and soon we were racing through the streets of New York from the theater district west 47th Street to Chelsea on west 28th Street.

It was thrilling. New York City looked beautiful.New York at night

Our driver was originally from the Ukraine and very fit. He was charging by the minute and he did not dawdle. He took every advantage to keep moving.

It was $120 for 20 minutes. This makes it as expensive per minute as the helicopter ride we took in New Zealand, and almost as exhilarating.

Here is Mom’s impression:

A bus on one side and a cab on the other. Then were careened in front of the cab and my adrenaline was on high!! 20 min of heart stopping zigging and jagging in traffic was all this old heart could stand but I’m so glad for the experience ONCE.

New York at night