Celebrate World Penguin Day!

World Penguin Day

To celebrate World Penguin Day, here is a roundup of penguin related links.

First, World Penguin Day began when the scientists at McMurdo Station in Antarctica noticed that the Adelie penguins return to nest every year on April 25th. They began to celebrate and it grew into World Penguin Day. Check out their webcam.

Now a shout out to my friend Mara V. Connolly’s blog. She guest blogged in this space about African penguins. Follow this link to a leadership lesson that these same penguins taught her.

Earlier I shared Dyan DeNapoli’s Ted Talk about penguins. Here is a link to her website: The Penguin Lady. Check out the links to other penguin organizations on her resources page. Or click on the “yellow sticky” on the home page that says Help Save Penguins.

Here are some basic facts about penguins and the scary future they face. Check out this link to Defenders of Wildlife’s penguin page.

Penguins are awesome. Enjoy!




More Penguins!

I am blessed to have friends who are also great photographers.  If you loved Mara V. Connolly’s post on African Penguins then you may find this Ted Talk on penguins  interesting.

Dee Boersma does a great job of explaining the appeal of penguins and why we should care.  This next Ted Talk is specifically about the penguin rescue of African penguins from an oil spill that Mara referenced in her post. Listen as Dyan deNapoli describes the heroic penguin rescue off the coast of Cape Town.