Longwood Gardens Photos Tell the Story

I have met avid gardeners while visiting other famous gardens and seminars and they always gush about Longwood Gardens. I have finally made it to see it in person. Wow. It is amazing. The conservatory is incredible. The photos will do a better job of telling the story. Take a peek.

Longwood Gardens opens everyday at 9:00 a.m. and August 3 will stay open for extended evening hours for a celebration they call Nightscape.

We dedicated about 4 hours to see the gardens and Pierre DuPont’s house.


All along the way we saw the healthiest specimens of flowers, trees, shrubs, with an emphasis on native plants. The regular summer rain and humidity produce gardens I could never replicate in California.


All along the way the staff members and volunteers did their best to enhance our experience with information and help. How do you maintain a 300 acre garden, conservatory and historic buildings? With 400 employees, 700 volunteers and student interns.

The Italian Water Gardens have a timed fountain display. It was very soothing to watch. There are so many fountains, including a gigantic display under reconstruction in front of th Conservatory.

We stopped at the Terrace Cafe for a light lunch and a cool drink. My food was disappointing. I barely at the everything cookie. Yes, I didn’t eat the cookie. The pita chips with hummus tasted stale. Plus it is expensive. You cannot bring anything besides water so sometimes you just have to eat at the cafe. There are more upscale restaurant options too.

Pierre DuPont’s weekend home was lovely and full of interesting historical information about the property. It allowed a peek into DuPont’s impressive life–he was CEO simultaneously for DuPont and General Motors.

This part of Delaware is beautiful and I can see why so many people choose an Inn or Garden for their wedding.

Children were really enjoying the Conservatory’s children’s garden.
This Conservatory is vast.

The parking is free and admission is $20 perĀ adult. Our Brandywine Treasure Trail Passport included Longwood. The gift shop is excellent so save some time to shop.