What is a Sport Fan to Do?

Chicago welcomes Rugby fansI could do a respectable rant about how corporations have corrupted sports so a family can no longer afford to go baseball game. Or complain bitterly how I had to pay $180 for a $60 seat on StubHub to go to a rugby game.

The really sad part to me is that in Soldiers Field yesterday there were so many empty seats. Sure it was technically “sold out”. With so many tickets purchased by speculators hoping to make money on their tickets there were rugby fans who did not get to see the game because it is absurd to pay so much to watch a game.

You can make the argument that this is the “free market”. I have the feeling the game is rigged. I got on the website to buy tickets just as the tickets went on sale and the only tickets I could get were on StubHub.

So my question is “What is a sports fan to do?” Participate in the rigged, f**ked up system or what? Is there a secret code like in video games that is a work around? I do not want to become a grumpy old man about sports. So help me out here if you have a good idea.