Yummy Mexican Food in Bakersfield

20170329_145209A group of colleagues needed to find lunch after a meeting. Sergio1 found a Mexican restaurant with 4.5 stars on Yelp so we all plugged it in our Map app and met up at Nuestro Mexico Restaurant.

Often the best Mexican food is found in a hole in the wall and you compromise service or seating. Nuestro offers a lovely atmosphere, table service and a full bar.

Bakersfield is an interesting town. It feels very Midwestern (and this is not a slam). The buildings all have breathing room. It does mean that you are more likely to get in your car to go to lunch. Good news, there appears to be plenty of street parking.

My colleagues were really hungry and our server did a great job refilling our diet cokes, salsa and chip baskets while we waited for our food.

I took Sergio2’s advice and ordered a steak taco marinated in a special sauce that in other restaurants may call “al pastor” and is made with pork. Nuestro makes it with “adobada” and it was delicious.

All four of us loved our food. We definitely recommend Nuestro at 716 21st Street in Bakersfield for lunch or dinner.