Perfect Days

View of Auckland from the ferry to Devonport

What does the perfect day look like to you? Of course it depends on where you are. In New York City it might start with coffee and a bagel, include a visit to the zoo in Central Park and end with a Broadway play and a nightcap. I remember one day in Belfast it included taking the bus into the central business district and fossicking around the shops, enjoying a coffee, then listening to Brian Keenan read from his latest novel at the literary festival.

Today is a perfect day at home. I am free of engagements and I can do what I like. I’ve walked to the bakery and farmers’ market. Then I went through my stack of travel magazines. I am watching Poldark (season 1) and Netflix. It is a pretty day and mild weather for July. It is a good day for a bike ride or a hike. My perfect today is full of rest instead and may include a nap.  Once the kids, my brother and I were in Dublin and our perfect day included a long afternoon of drinking coffee and enjoying our own company. Then we found the perfect stew for dinner.

Auckland is someplace I have spent many of perfect day. It often includes a visit to the Auckland Museum. I just received the Spring newsletter (remember, seasons are opposite the Northern hemisphere) and there is an interesting new exhibit opening in October called “Sound.” It spotlights the history of pop music in New Zealand. I will check it out when I visit in November. Days in Auckland also include shopping in Trelise Cooper and Unity Books or taking the ferry and mooching around Devonport.

Swatch: Trelise Cooper

My friend UK Sarah and I spotted the Trelise Cooper dress shop on our way to the cable car to ride to the botanical garden.  “Shall we go now or later?” Now.   From the moment we walked in, the clothes got my heart pumping.

Some of the terrific ensembles by Trelise Cooper, Aukland designer
Some of the terrific ensembles by Trelise Cooper, Auckland designer

Sarah is looking for the right dress and coat to wear to her daughter’s wedding in a British springtime.  We happily fossicked around for quite awhile looking at all the possibilities.  Roseanne worked tirelessly to find different designs in Sarah’s size.  Meanwhile I browsed the sale rack.

After a very happy hour, Sarah found a beautiful brocade dress and a linen jacket that looked stunning on her.  Penny, the shop’s owner joined in helping Sarah determine the best size and adjusted the cuffs on the jacket.  I cheered her on and affirmed that she had the winning combination for the Mother of the Bride.

Meanwhile, I found my own deal on the sale rack.  I am now a fan of Trelise Cooper designs.

P.S. While walking to the World of Wearable Art performance and awards we saw this bus stop billboard!

Lovely coincidence
Lovely coincidence
Love this light blue blouse!
Love this light blue blouse!