World Penguin Day Today

Meet Monty and Poppy at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. These baby African penguins are not yet on exhibit. You can see the other penguins on the regular penguin cam.

The New England Aquarium in Boston, MA also has some little blue penguin chicks–from New Zealand! You can read more about it here.

Take a moment today to appreciate penguins as most species are threatened by food or habitat loss. Thanks climate change. And ride your bike or walk instead of driving your gas guzzler to give the planet a break.

Happy World Penguin Day!

Meet someone who does not find penguins amusing and I say “Avoid that person if you can!”

Penguin trash can. Photo by Tevis Spezia

Today is World Penguin Day. Penguins enjoy 2 special days a year–and why not? On this day I bring to your attention the opportunity to participate in penguin science.

Click through to a Science Alert and help scientists count penguins, chicks and eggs in research photos. The headline reads “Scientists need your help looking at photos of adorable penguins, seriously.” After trying it I would compare it to playing Where’s Waldo, except that it actually matters.

You may also want to help Greenpeace protect their Antarctic homes by signing their petition.


Three reasons to Celebrate World Penguin Day!

1.  Penguins always bring a smile to your face.

Admit it. There is no staying a grumpy-pants when you click through a slide deck of penguin photos.

Read more about Fiordland Penguins and the
Read more about Fiordland Penguins and other penguin adventures by clicking the Penguin category on this blog.

2.  Their clumsiness and vulnerability on land entertains and creates an emotional bond with us.

We laugh at what seems like their slapstick pratfalls on the ice, but we also have empathy as who among us has not literally fallen flat on our face. We recognize the penguins incredible commitment to raising their young, sometimes in nasty conditions, and we like to think we are as committed to our own children.

Even in captivity, the penguin can charm!
Even in captivity, the penguin can charm!

3. Penguins can withstand the harshest weather; raise chicks on ice; and yet the 18 species are all at risk because of us.

Whether it is climate change, depletion of food from overfishing and human pollution, loss of habitat from human development, and other causes, we need to care for penguins as they are the proverbial canary of Antarctica.


Test your penguin knowledge with this quiz from the Pew Charitable Trust. Then sign the petition (on same web page) to encourage the US State Department to reach and sign agreements to protect penguins in the Ross Sea and Antarctica.

Share why you love penguins!

Celebrate World Penguin Day!

World Penguin Day

To celebrate World Penguin Day, here is a roundup of penguin related links.

First, World Penguin Day began when the scientists at McMurdo Station in Antarctica noticed that the Adelie penguins return to nest every year on April 25th. They began to celebrate and it grew into World Penguin Day. Check out their webcam.

Now a shout out to my friend Mara V. Connolly’s blog. She guest blogged in this space about African penguins. Follow this link to a leadership lesson that these same penguins taught her.

Earlier I shared Dyan DeNapoli’s Ted Talk about penguins. Here is a link to her website: The Penguin Lady. Check out the links to other penguin organizations on her resources page. Or click on the “yellow sticky” on the home page that says Help Save Penguins.

Here are some basic facts about penguins and the scary future they face. Check out this link to Defenders of Wildlife’s penguin page.

Penguins are awesome. Enjoy!