Postcard: Auckland War Memorial Museum

For a variety of reasons I try to go to the Auckland War Memorial Museum (AM) whenever I am in Auckland. Located in the beautiful domain with an amazing view of the city and the bay, it is a little bit war memorial, a little bit natural history museum AND has a terrific gift shop. Seriously, if you are looking for good gifts from NZ, shop here first.

Super cool iPad technology

On this visit, I enjoyed the special, limited time Moana–My Ocean exhibit. This was developed from research AM scientists have been collaborating on in the Hauraki Gulf.  There were several parts of the exhibit using technology I have never seen before–especially the Boil Up.  This uses artificial intelligence to create a new experience each time that allows you to experience a fish boil up and how it adapts to predators of increasing sizes. I also loved the special exhibit on Sir Edmund Hillary, and the permanent volcano exhibit.Amazing artifically intelligent exhibit

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