Perfect Bainbridge Island in Pugent Sound

Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island
Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island
Children learning to knit at Churchmouse Yarns and Tea.
Children learning to knit at Churchmouse Yarns and Tea.

I needed to learn more about the Seattle tunnel project, so I timed it with the Vogue Knitting Live event and arrived a little early so I could visit my friends Kathy and Tedd Kraft on Bainbridge Island.  I rented a cherry red Fiat 500 from Dollar and scooted to the ferry terminal. I joined the queue and waiting about 20 minutes for the next ferry to take me the short 30 minute ride to Bainbridge Island. I had my Brompton bike in the boot of the car and I thought I would ride into town. It is only a short walk from where the ferry lets out. Time was pressing. And I wanted to visit the Churchmouse Yarn and Tea Shop; I read about it in a knitting magazine and it sounded delightful. I had a short time before it closed. I easily parked the Fiat and was quickly distracted by the Blackbird Bakery. How to choose among the delectable from scratch baked goods?! I drug myself away and around the corner to the Churchmouse. It deserves all the praise heaped on it. I walked in and found class was in session for a determined group of young ladies. I almost started hyperventilating from all of the fiber temptation. I was determined to keep my baggage light so I focused on knitting patterns. The staff was very helpful. I do not understand why but sometimes knit shop staff is grumpy as if I am interrupting their knitting time instead of bringing custom. The two women who helped me were enthusiastic and friendly. A few minutes later I was meeting my friend Kathy and visiting her boat at the Harbor, passing by the Pegasus Coffee shop where the entire coffee craze was born in the USA, and driving to another part of the island to a lovely home on the water where Kathy and Tedd are enjoying their retirement–as much as these two slow down. I was really impressed by the open friendliness of everyone I met. The weather was kind on that day and it made the Island even prettier. Over dinner Kathy and Tedd told me about some of the biking events. I will time my next visit with a bike event. And I will definitely visit again.

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