Let’s Go to Hip Winters, California

The city of Winters just keeps getting hipper and hipper. Located in Yolo County (on the edge of Solano County), it hugs Putah Creek and offers the charm of small town with very cool community life.

Ficelle's and Steady Eddy'sIt is a cycling hub with Mike’s Velo City bike shop, and several places to stop for coffee or breakfast including Steady Eddy’s.  It has an impressive restaurant to citizen ratio. My favorite is Ficelle with tapas and other delicious small plates.Putah Creek Cafe

Putah Creek Cafe is a great diner that also serves Sunday dinners. It says pies on the awning, but I have not found pie available the times I went (disappointing!).  The Buckhorn Steakhouse is an institution and terrific. We celebrated a family birthday the other night; the service was off the charts and my rack of lamb was so good I was gnawing on the bones to get every bit. Steakhouse prices, so we will save it for celebrations.

There is a crowd of young people who are starting wineries and breweries and cheese shops. First stop: Turkovich Family Winery for wine tasting.

They even have a yarn store, a fabric/quilting store, and a piano on Main Street!Public piano in Winters, CA





Adapted from a post that first appeared on Bay Delta Tourist blog.

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