Giant Trees in Mariposa Grove

Within Yosemite National Park is the Mariposa Grove–an excellent grove of giant Sequoia trees. It is an easy drive from the Narrow Gauge Inn in Fish Camp and not far from Wawona Hotel. UK Sarah loves trees so we made sure to find time to walk in the grove before we drove back to Sacramento.

UK Sarah hugging a Sequoia
UK Sarah hugging a Sequoia

You can walk about a mile and see several terrific specimens, including the Grizzly Giant and the California Tree. It is a little steep in places, but there are lots of places to stop and admire trees, tree roots, tree rings, chipmunks and robins.

The grandfather tree is the Grizzly Giant, aged 1800 years. He has obviously survived multiple fires, and if he could talk he would have lots of stories to tell. Giant Grizzly

The California Tree has survived a cut out and is clearly a “tourist attraction.”

Cut out in a living tree in Mariposa Grove
Cut out in a living tree in Mariposa Grove

There is a lovely atmosphere in the grove, and a great diversity of admirers. We spoke to people from Holland and Germany. Everyone is in a good mood–taking turns of taking photos of groups, remarking on the majesty of the trees.

Not everyone is as in awe of the trees as we. One woman stepped over the barrier to sit on a stump to smoke a cigarette, in spite of the extreme fire danger. We were so stunned we did not say anything, but wish we had later.

I never understand how someone can see the galaxy of stars, or a Sequoia grove and not see the divine. I am not saying one must enjoy the grove in hushed reverence. At least show respect for the rules the National Park has set for reasons best for the trees.

We strolled back to the car park and drove back to quickly shower off the dust before going to the Tenaya Lodge spa for massages. It made a lovely, lovely day.

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