Auckland Zoo is Very, Very Fine

Pukeko birds greet zoo goers.
Please do not feed the animals. Even though they beg!

Sometimes a zoo can be depressing, especially when the animals are kept in small cages and without any creativity. Other times, like our day at the Auckland Zoo, it can be fun and increase one’s appreciation for the animal kingdom. It begins with the pukeko birds greeting us on the lawn outside the gates. Their legs seem like they are on backward as they ungainly gambol toward anyone with potential bread.

Always one of the group is on guard among the meerkats.
The zookeepers feed the meerkats by putting their food in toys so they have to work to get it.

The Auckland Zoo is spacious for both visitors and animal inhabitants. It is laid out regions of the world. You can see all of the most interesting New Zealand native animals, including kea, kiwi and little blue penguins.

Some of our other favorite exhibits included the meerkats, and the African exhibits. And Burma the Asian elephant.

Great for families of all ages.
The Zoo is accessible and includes bright, creative and informative interpretative displays.

The Auckland Zoo is at Motions Road, Western Springs, Auckland. Monday-Sunday 9:30-5:30 during Sunday. The Blue Circle bus of the Auckland Explorer does stop at the Zoo among other attractions.

Burma, the zoo's Asian elephant takes walks around the zoo with her keepers.
Burma, the zoo’s Asian elephant takes walks around the zoo with her keepers.

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