Dining Next to the Mayor

Shipping containers make an interesting building.
Shipping containers make an interesting building.

I enjoy living in midtown Sacramento because it is a complete neighborhood. My neighbors range from people without homes to the 1% with a Maserati in the parking garage. Within walking or biking distance I can find every imaginable restaurant and shop I need. I am meeting friends for a drink or lunch more often. Tonight my friend Monica and I met for a walk and stopped in at the Federalist Public House.

The Federalist Public House is built with shipping containers, which makes a fun and funky atmosphere. We ordered a pizza to split and beverages and then sat down at the end of one of the long rows of picnic benches. Everyone sits community style so we started our meal next to strangers. People watched the baseball game on television and others played bocce ball in the astroturf bocce court along the back wall. Interior of Federalist Public House

At some point the couple next to us left and the waitress put a “reserved” sign down on the table. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a man sit down and put his iPhone on the table. I could tell by Monica’s face that she recognized him, but she did not say hello. I glanced over and realized it was Sacramento Mayor and former Phoenix Suns basketball star Kevin Johnson. A few minutes later his wife Michelle Rhee, the education reform advocate, sat down across from him.

Monica and I played it cool. Other people in the restaurant interrupted to say something to Mayor Johnson or take a photo with him. And the wait staff kept bringing Kevin and Michelle additional dishes including the polenta and then a giant ice cream sandwich. We could not help but ooh and ahh at the two supersize oatmeal cookies filled with vanilla ice cream and dipped in chocolate and rolled in pistachios. They offered to share with us and so we got to taste it. Yum!

We thanked them for our taste and then continued our walk. I love a cup of coffee after dinner so we stopped at The Trade, a relatively new coffee place on K Street near 24th Street. Then we hurried back because of the gathering dark clouds and marveled at the unexpected lightning show.

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