Turtle Tagging at Eco Beach Western Australia

Some of my best adventures have been volunteering for a cause I care about deeply (Habitat for Humanity) or penguin viewing. Catherine’s adventure combines her love for turtles and volunteering with Conservation Volunteers Australia. Thanks for the guest blog Catherine!


One of my favourite holiday/volunteering experiences was volunteering for a turtle tagging programme at Eco Beach Resort (about 180km south of Broome, Western Australia) with Conservation Volunteers Australia .

My friend, Alice, and I were met in Broome by Lauren and Anna, our guides, before joining the other volunteers on the road trip south to Eco Beach Resort.

The outdoor area overlooking the ocean at Eco Beach Resort The outdoor area overlooking the ocean at Eco Beach Resort

Alice and I chose the resort’s villa accommodation option. Some of the other volunteers chose the eco tent which, whilst fun, wasn’t airconditioned, so they found it hard to sleep during the day.

At our arrival briefing on Tuesday afternoon we were told the resort was closed until Thursday, which meant our group of eight volunteers and two guides had the whole resort to ourselves for a couple of days before an influx of guests arrived for the weekend.

We were divided…

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