Santa Monica on the Brompton

Ah, the view!

This Throwback Thursday I am remembering an adventure way back in March 2015. I was in SoCal for a Rob Bell/Richard Rohr event in Orange County. I stopped in Santa Monica on the way home to visit a friend. I spent the afternoon riding around on my Brompton and met my friend.

Flash forward: I just made reservations to fly to LAX and stay in Santa Monica for another Rob Bell event. Sarah Harriet and I are going to mooch around Santa Monica the next morning, and take in the Frank Gehry exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Santa Monica sunset.

Santa Monica is one of my favorite places to spend time. This place has a small town feel. Smooshed between a big city and the Pacific Ocean, it is most famous for its beach. There is also unique shopping–different from the  world of same/same stores. Plus great food is found at all price points. I love the vibe.




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