Super Travel Shoes: allbirds

I just finished canvassing for Sacramento Mayoral candidate Darrell Steinberg. It meant walking door-to-door for over 6 hours with a few breaks for coffee and lunch. In the past I might have worn running shoes, but on my Australia adventure I got sore feet. So I started a search for better travel shoes.

I saw an ad for allbirds–a shoe made with New Zealand wool–and ordered a pair. I loved the packaging.IMG_9480

I started wearing them and they were instantly comfortable. There was no awkward break in period.

IMG_9481Today was the real test. I walked all day on pavement and while my feet are not singing they are not barking either.  I am excited to take them to Italy in May.

IMG_9482They are just funky enough to be stylish.

One thought on “Super Travel Shoes: allbirds

  1. These look interesting Julie! I checked them out. They only come in whole sizes it appears….at least on the men’s side. I have giant feet, yet wear a half size. Maybe cause they’re new?

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