Find Your Van Gogh

“Last year Dave planted a field of sunflowers. His neighbors thought he was crazy. No money in sunflowers. When they asked him why he would do something so foolhardy he replied, ‘Because I can’t afford a Van Gogh.”

Kevin Kling, The dog says how. p. 45

To help you find your Van Gogh: Reprinted from Bay Delta Tourist blog, June 25, 2016

Do you love fields of sunflowers to photograph or to admire? Well you are sure to find satisfaction on your Sunday drive if you first consult the blog at They update the Yolo Sunflower Map weekly.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.13.54 PM

If you see fields that are not listed, contact them so they can share your sightings with other sunflower enthusiasts.

VisitYolo’s website has a wealth of information about the attractions of places in Yolo including Winters, Davis and Woodland.

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