Does Anaheim Have a Soul?

IMG_2025I recently traveled to Anaheim for the California Construction Expo and stayed at the Anaheim Hilton. Thanks to my Lyft driver and the staff at the Hilton, everything related to my business trip went smoothly. I was invited to a cocktail party at the House of Blues in the Garden Walk center so I ventured out on foot.

I have not been to Disneyland in over 15 years and I have not been to Anaheim in over 8 years. In this time the area has been completely redeveloped. Like Las Vegas who did a makeover from kitchey 60’s casinos to the oversized concrete jungle that it is today, Anaheim managed to “improve” its downtown and lose any sense of history and personality. Most people go to Anaheim to go to a convention or competition and then spend most of their time at Disneyland. Perhaps they don’t care that when you are outside the park there is only California Pizza Kitchen, iHop, and other chains like Cheesecake Factory. Sadly, Anaheim no longer has a unique sense of place.

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