A Very Focused Titanic Museum


If you are fascinated with the Titanic catastrophe or the period surrounding the Titanic, then you will LOVE this museum. It has a narrow focus but dives DEEP.


It is a beautiful, state of the art museum that would make most museum directors drool.


There are moving moments when you see in a variety of “you are there” creative exhibits including a replica lifeboat and a time-lapse of the sinking matched with the S.O.S. messages.

img_6095The tickets are dear, so you should have more than a passing interest to invest the time and money. Be sure when you are buying tickets to find Titanic Belfast (not Pigeon Ford). A basic ticket for an adult is 18.50 pounds (remember in Northern Ireland they use British sterling). The museum hours vary by month and you must start your tour 1.5 hours before closing. If you are really keen on the Titanic story allow 3 hours or more. If you are mildly interested you can see the museum in about an hour. There is a restaurant for a bite to eat or for drinks. There is also an afternoon tea option.

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