Celebrating 500 Adventures!

A rare selfie in Greensboro, Alabama

This is my 500th blog post on Adventures of American Julie. I am thrilled to reach this milestone. I began blogging in 2011 with my midlife crisis that took me to New Zealand for almost 6 months in Redesigning Forty Nine . Since August 2013 when my first blog post went live (without a photo!) I have been blogging as American Julie with accompanying social media posts on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve explored my interest in cycling and viewing penguins. I have checked out bookstores and wool shops around the world. I have rediscovered Iowa cousins and visited friends in Australia and Sweden. Blogging adds depth to my experience and motivates me to explore deeper and wider.

There are so many places I want to go: Tierra del Fuego, Svalbard, Cape Town, Antarctica, Tasmania, and more. Plus I a few states remain in the USA to visit to hit 50 plus Puerto Rico! God willing I will share my adventures with you!


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