Postcard: Mission Bay: Crazy Bicycle Boat

My friend Kate and I were walking along the beach at Mission Bay when I saw this crazy contraption!  What will people think of next?

Bicycle Boat at Mission Bay
Bicycle Boat at Mission Bay

I laughed and ran down to the shoreline to take a closer look.  The boat owner had just pedaled from Mission Bay to Oeraki and back at about 6 km an hour (walking pace). He said it is designed by Italians and it is the first of its kind in New Zealand.  It can all be deflated and folded up and fit in a backpack.

I knew Kate’s husband Barry would find this fascinating and I was right.  He googled Shuttlebike right away to figure out how it works. (Santa will be getting a request!)

The Shuttlebike from Italy
The Shuttlebike from Italy

One Reply to “Postcard: Mission Bay: Crazy Bicycle Boat”

  1. Julie….this is SOOOO cool. If you got your travel bike to work on this…’d never have to take any other form of transportation! HA HA HA. I can see it now…..the first transatlantic crossing by travel bike! Now there’s an adventure for American Julie!

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