Dessert First!

Called the secret dessert garden, it was easy to talk my friend Diana into trying a new desserts-only restaurant, Milse, in the Pavilions of Britomart in downtown Auckland.  Another friend Beverley told me about Milse while we ate lunch at another of the restauranteur’s eateries (St. Heliers Bay Cafe and Bistro) These are all new additions since I was last in Auckland JUST 10 MONTHS AGO!

Milse is tucked around the corner...

The entrance to Milse is slightly hidden, just like the gate in the classic children’s book. The front entrance is filled with cases of delectable chocolate and other desserts. There is a hostess station where you can buy your dessert to go. There are people waiting to be seated at one of the 5 or 6 small tables. We went early enough that we were seated promptly.

Cozy dining area inside Milse
Cozy dining area inside Milse
Truffles, truffels, truffels.
Truffles, truffels, truffels.

The hostess led us past a bar where you could sit and eat divine desserts while watching the chefs create similar confections.  Or you can sit in a cozy table that feels like the inside of a beehive.

We decided to go for it! We ordered four different menu items and our eyes rolled back in our heads depending on our individual tastes. For Diana it was the pecan and honey tart. For me it was, well all of them, but especially the chocolate covered ice cream bar.

Diana admiring our selections before we devoured them!
Diana admiring our selections before we devoured them!

Forget my pledge to eat sugar free!  This is just too amazing of a dining experience to pass up.

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