I Brake for Pi(e) Day!

Today is Pi(e) Day.  More specifically it is a once in a century Pi(e) Day 3-14-15 9:26:53.

Joans on 3rd hand pie for breakfast.
Joans on 3rd hand pie for breakfast.

I am celebrating. Not by doing sums (or even finishing my taxes–one of the few times I use math… or Turbo Tax uses math). I am celebrating by braking for pie as often as possible.

I started the Pi(e) party at breakfast. I met my friend Henry at Joan’s on 3rd in Los Angeles. I ordered a ham and cheese hand pie and a nutella pop tart. The hand pie was excellent and more like a stuffed croissant than a pie. The pop tart was closer to pie and so rich I shared with Henry and still could not finish it.

Murray Farms farmstand: the highway sign said "Pie".
Murray Farms farmstand: the highway sign said “Pie”.

Then it was time to hit the road and drive the 6+ hours to Sacramento. I saw a roadside sign 30 miles north of Gorman on Interstate 5 that advertised a farmstand and said “Pie”. I took the exit and within minutes was walking out with a peach pie “for the kids”.

Another hour or so of driving and I entered Fresno County and the destination that would be sure to have pie and a cup of coffee.

A whole peach pie... can it be good if the peaches are not in season? We will find out.
A whole peach pie… can it be good if the peaches are not in season? We will find out.

I love Harris Ranch. Ever since I was driving to and from University of Southern California, I have stopped at Harris Ranch. The bathrooms are luxurious. The store has interesting things to look at and you can buy a small snack if you are broke. For the longest time the restaurant was only an aspiration. As time passed I had less anxiety about the menu prices.

Alas I sat down to order and the restaurant is only serving boysenberry cobbler and it is long on fruit and maple ice cream and short on the cobbler. Delicious but not pie.

The store bakery had an entire cherry pie, so I bought a second pie for the kids: two pies to thank them for watching my dog Lulu while I was out of town.

Two and a half hours to drive before I am reunited with Lulu. If I had spent the day at home I would surely have baked a pie. I am going to try to push through without stopping again. Unless there is an irresistible sign for pie.

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