Birthday Celebration at Royal Yacht Squadron

IMG_1321I made the trek to the Isle of Wight to celebrate UK Sarah’s birthday. She and her husband Roy sailed to the Royal Yacht Squadron, where they are members, and docked at “the haven” marina.

The birthday party was in the pavilion with the Squadron’s super catering and service. A local band provided music for a boisterous ceili. It was a fabulous evening.

I had the privilege of staying at the “castle” for two nights. It was the MOST comfortable stay I’ve enjoyed away from home. The Royal Yacht Squadron is elegant and comfortable but nonmembers cannot stay except as guests of a member.

The Royal Yacht Squadron is in a castle circle Henry VIII.

This 200 year old gentleman’s sailing club allows women members now, and it is still very exclusive. I’m respecting the privacy of members and only sharing outside photos.

My special skill at getting seasick in a bathtub will keep me from becoming a sailing enthusiast; however, I am grateful to Peter Bibby for knowing so much history, America’s Cup and other racing history and sharing it with me.

IMG_1692 (1)
Peter Bibby holding the flag from the America’s Cup J-class boat Shamrock IV.

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