I Brake for Pie!

I just finished a 5 mile hike and was driving away from the State park, when I spied this sign across the highway from Humboldt Lagoons State Park:

PIe and coffee--it is a siren song!
PIe and coffee–it is a siren song!

My car was running on fumes and I needed to find gas within 15 miles, so I thought “Why not check this place (pie) out and ask about the closest gas station?” The Elk Valley RV Park and Campground turns out to be a happy place. The people who manage it were organizing a New Years lunch with salmon pate and bouillabaisse. Woowhee. A step up from hot dogs and beans.

The blackberry pie was just coming out of the oven, so I decided to go put some gas in my Passat up the road in Orick and come back for a slice of pie.

Got Gas? Nope. Please sell me some Betty.
Got Gas? Nope. Please sell me some Betty.

The spot in the road that is Orick is just 5 miles down the road and one of those places time forgot. Betty sold me $20 worth of gas and I used one of the oldest gas pumps I have seen in awhile!

Gas pump circa?

I went back to the Elk Valley RV Park and finally got my piece of pie to go. When I got back to Radar at the rental I took my first bite. Oh my!  The pie crust was flaky and the filling was sweet, sour, and berry good.

Pie worth waiting for!

I learned a couple of things while I was hanging out waiting for pie. There is a local wild elk herd of about 60 cows that roams through the campground about once a day. I saw them from the highway about 8 miles north of Trinidad on my way back!  And I thought someone told me there is a rock band called “There will be pie later.” When I tried to google it other pies came up: Humble Pie and a Russian band called Apple Pie. And then there is the classic Don McClean “American Pie”. (I may have to make a pie themed mixed CD.) I could not discover the Pie Later band, so if you know it please share. Apparently after their concerts spontaneous pie potlucks happen.

Remember if you are following me on the highway, I brake for pie!

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