Cobbles: One Deciding Factor in Tour de France 2014

Lorrie from the B&B sent me a couple of her photos from the sixth set of cobbles. She and Greg had commented that the riders looked tired and scared. The cyclists are definitely stressed out. (Due to the low quality of the Wifi in this hotel, I am sharing just the one photo for now.)

This is Stage that determined a lot of riders’ Tour fortunes, most especially the GC contender Chris Froome. 

After Lorrie and Greg followed the Tour de France for 5 days, they went to Paris and were there for the Bastille Day fireworks and military parade.  They are home in Cincinatti and watching the rest of the race on television.

Thanks for sharing the photos Lorrie.

P.S. Watch for our group about 3 km from the top of the mountaintop finish tomorrow. Our group may be on camera since we have “Willie Nelson” and Wolverine (or at least a guy in a real Wolverine hat).


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