Stage 16 in the Pyrenees

Michael Rogers realizes that he has won the stage and sits up and enjoys his first Tour de France win.
Michael Rogers realizes that he has won the stage and sits up and enjoys his first Tour de France win.

I am so excited that Michael Rogers won the stage. He rode a brilliant tactical ride and sailed into the finish with time to celebrate. We were watching from the Izoad bus in the VIP section and we were not sure how close the other riders from the breakaway were so we all reacted with a little bit of shock and worry. So many riders have been caught at the line. Great to see one of my favorite riders from HTC Columbia enjoy his first Tour de France stage win. It was also the first by an Aussie in 2014, so many of my group members were very happy. 

IMG_2536We have a new group of spectators to work with Jacinta on world domination. It is a larger group so I am focusing on getting to know a few people each day, otherwise it is overwhelming. Our days are long because we have to get places before the roads close and then the traffic back to the hotel is always challenging. They are made longer because we wait and eat at the same time as the Thomson cyclists. Tonight dinner was at 9:30 p.m. 


Once again we have a core group of Australians who keep us going. I have learned a new car game. When you see a yellow car you yell “Spotto.” I am a little suspicious about the rules. When we spotted a tractor and a van, they did not count. But then Phil spotted a photo of a yellow car and it counted. 

IMG_2577IMG_2581I had a delightful experience at the yarn shop buying stitch holders. The proprietress was gracious and helpful–she even brought out some wool she thought I had dropped. I asked her for a recommendation for a place to eat lunch. She recommended a place just down the street. It did not open until 12:30 and I was one of many waiting by the time they opened. I guess I am invisible, or my American accent makes me so because I finally gave up and walked away.

I bought a ham and cheese croissant and a chocolate eclair at a Patissier instead. I chose the place because of the window display with the macarons as paint on an easel.  The race finished in Bagneres-de-Luchon. It was decked out with banners and celebrations that I have not seen since England. The crowds are swelling and getting louder too.  



One Reply to “Stage 16 in the Pyrenees”

  1. You are looking AWESOME!!! And, watch out for those Aussie’s and their games! HA HA HA. Just yell OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE OI OI OI and leave it at that! HA HA HA.

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